Information systems integration

BASS Systems has strategic partnerships with the world’s leading international technology suppliers. The company provides key solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, Geographic Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Information Portals. Our vast experience covers not just commercial products, but also open-source products.

The solutions offered as a result of existing partnerships allow refining operations, streamlining information flows, automating repetitive activities, as well as precision in measuring key indicators, analysis and forecasts for the entire organization.

Company's offers

BASS Systems offers the most innovative technologies, developed on the basis of secure software, completed with customization, localization and integration services. The company continues to invest in platforms’ compliance with national standards, especially in financial and accounting fields, as well as in the translation of graphical interfaces into the languages commonly used in the Republic of Moldova.

BASS Systems has all the tools necessary to provide the best solutions for its customers, such as:

  • Operational activity surveillance and automation;
  • Goods and services flow monitoring;
  • Reports generation and automation;
  • Expenditure forecasting;
  • Modeling and/or implementing a suite of services.

The company offers solutions that allow paper-based documents digitization, digital information sorting and organizing a modern digital archive.

BASS Systems’ solutions also include the use of standard data export and import mechanisms, as well as the use of APIs and web services. As a result, investments related to systems can be reused without blocking the functionality of a new computer system.

The company’s portfolio includes solutions from various reputable suppliers:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management
  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing
  • IBM Business Process Manager, Control Desk, Cognos Analytics, QRadar, Guardium
  • ASYCUDA World
  • MIND CTI MindBill
  • Motorola Solutions radio communication, equipment

Upon customer request, the company offers systems in private or public cloud environments.

Presently the resources usage is subject to an active shift from traditional deliveries to cloud platforms. Customers will be able to use all the benefits available on private cloud platforms or within the infrastructures of BASS Systems’ partners—for example, Microsoft Azure.


IT&C Infrastructure

BASS Systems provides design, testing, and implementation of IT infrastructure solutions. The team offers various solutions to ensure business projects or initiatives, starting with building fiber optic and copper fiber networks and finishing with turnkey data centers.

BASS Systems experts have the necessary knowledge to develop and maintain critical infrastructure. The company guarantees IT infrastructure optimization by:

  • Analyzing the existing situation
  • Defining objectives and selecting optimal solutions
  • Developing and implementing architectural plans
  • Implementing cabling and power solutions
  • Creating or technologically updating the infrastructure
  • Consolidation and virtualization
  • Development and implementation of continuity and recovery plans
  • Implementing private cloud or hybrid solutions
  • Ensuring the information system’s end-to-end resilience.

The company builds robust solutions that can operate in critical production environments. In case of innovative projects, BASS Systems provides additional consulting for the adoption of new technologies, as well as the necessary training sessions to the client’s team.

BASS Systems professionals understand the complexity of building a modern and reliable IT infrastructure, but also its flexibility and scalability to make it easy to maintain.


Custom applications

BASS Systems is one of Republic of Moldova’s leading companies offering custom applications development services based on popular platforms. Our customers can transform their business ideas into profitable activities and integrate existing applications or their equipment and facilities into their businesses.

The solutions offered by BASS Systems satisfy customers' needs and wishes, offering more than just standard applications.

BASS Systems' teams include highly qualified professionals who understand the business environment and can suggest successful solutions, meeting the requirements, the deadline, and the budget. Besides developing custom applications, BASS Systems offers a complete cycle of platforms development, deployment, maintenance, and customization.

BASS Systems' team builds platforms that optimize the customer's potential business—from automating business processes, commerce and document management to employees' collaboration. Company's experts use the latest software development methods and technologies.


A company’s proper functioning depends on a set of applications, whether external or internal.

The BASS Systems’ team offers the right applications integration solutions. The company’s analysts and developers help the customer consolidate its existing or purchased IT systems, simultaneously ensuring the transitioning to modern software or cloud hosting.

Even if it seems to be a long and complicated process, software integration is very important.

BASS Systems provides the perfect fusion of such systems as ERP, CRM, BPM, and more, offered by international manufacturers or other automated systems created at customer’s request.


Some of BASS System’s areas of expertise in technology include:

  • Backend: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, C++
  • Mobile: iOS, Android
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, IBM DB2


Most often, customers’ requirements extend beyond the possibilities offered by existing functional applications.

BASS Systems provides old applications replacement, adjustment or rewriting using modern technologies.


BASS Systems’ team consists of experienced professional developers, who can deliver products on time, taking into account the price-quality ratio. Applications are built based on top architectures that guarantee simple, easy future extension and maintenance, with user-friendly interfaces.


BASS Systems offers a wide range of operational and quality maintenance services.

The company provides non-stop support, solving each problem in the shortest possible time. Maintenance services are provided for the entire period requested by the customer.


Information security

The activity of each internet user is directly proportional to the development of digital technologies.

The global network connects not only businesses and agencies, but also households, gadgets, cars, and other common use devices.

We live in an era of continuous breaches.

Hence the need for information security, defense systems being created based on risk analysis, security management, event detection and immediate reactions.

The company’s response

Cybersecurity is a complex issue involving technological, legal, political, human factor, ethical and risk management issues. The company provides customers with multi-vendor IT security tools that are designed to protect business data, personal data, applications, or IT infrastructure.


  • Network protection—Firewalls, IPS/IDS, VNP, DDOS protection
  • Systems and data protection—Information and data management, Antivirus and endpoint security, Anti-spam and email security, Authentication, Account and access management, Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Monitoring and management—Vulnerability management, SIEM, Risk management, Configuration management, Network flow and anomaly management.


  • Analysis and assessment
  • Incident and event management
  • Consulting services
  • Developing complex information security projects.


Cloud services— major benefits for business of any size

Today’s modern challenges and dynamic demand for more processing power, storage and increased productivity capabilities can be quickly solved by using efficient cloud services.

BASS Systems develops and implements cloud solutions provided by leading global vendors. The company helps clients migrate their IT infrastructure and business applications to private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

There are multiple benefits of using BASS Systems’ cloud computing and services:

  • Flexibility: scalable environments, unlimited virtual resources that adapt to current computing needs
  • Economy: payment of actual used resources
  • Security: advanced protection, essential for small business as well as big corporate data centers
  • Accessibility: maintaining 99.9% cloud uptime, clients have access to their services anywhere they go
  • Support: our engineers ensure the smooth operation of the systems, consult on industry best practices and provide SLAs.


Online collaboration services

Modern collaboration technologies allow company employees to communicate in an efficient, convenient and fast way. Modern cyberspace connection tools allow creating new collaboration possibilities through all types of communication, including voice, video, audio, video conferencing or messaging.

Team’s agility, as well as connecting with customers represents an advantage for any business. The client is a click away from online chats, video sessions, teamwork, or documents sharing.

Video Conferencing

The company’s objective regarding video conferencing is to turn them into an accessible way of communication. BASS Systems uses Cisco Unified Manager integrated conferencing solutions through Cisco WebEx. The latter is a leader in cloud-based web conferencing, events, online training and support. Thanks to this service, the company’s customers gain access to an interactive environment with advanced integrated voice, web, and video conferencing capabilities, HD experiences on desktop, mobile, or any other navigation system.

Voice communication

Voice communication remains the most important tool of a business.

However, few businesses have extensive expertise in combining advanced solutions. BASS Systems offers a complete set of services, equipment, or application environments necessary to build a robust and efficient business communications network.

Cisco’s VOIP solutions help company’s customers provide their employees with the latest communications technology. The implementation of Cisco VOIP technologies allows for communication costs reduction, overall team performance improvement and increased profits.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is still an irreplaceable tool for teamwork. Digital convergence and IP-based technologies extend the potential of any collaborative environment.

BASS Systems provides consultancy and conference rooms equipping with state-of-the-art audio conferencing technologies.

Additionally, we can be offered Cisco WebEx solutions with Dimension Data, the global cloud provider. This allows for full integration, based on cloud innovations and audio, video or web conferencing.


  • Professional image of the client’s business.
  • Increased team performance through modern collaborative methods, real-time shared editing of documents, advanced communication, and high-definition video integration
  • Turnkey solution with integration of all facilities and technical support
  • Advanced cloud-based availability with reduced operational costs.


Maintenance and support

In order to ensure customers’ comfort by providing equipment and solutions maintenance, BASS Systems has developed an advanced Technical Support Service.

The Technical Support Service comprises skilled and experienced technicians able to provide non-stop technical assistance.

A customer can get help from BASS Systems’ experts by signing a maintenance and support contract. Contracts are personalized according to each client’s needs and requirements.

Signing a maintenance contract guarantees:

  • Telephone support, e-mail support, 8×5 or 24×7 ticketing application, in accordance with the contract
  • Off-site and on-site technical assistance
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Limited/unlimited number of interventions, according to the provisions of the contract
  • Reduced response and resolution time

Technical Support Service can be contacted by

Online technical support is available at