Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM

The second event focused on presenting the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system—Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution—Microsoft Dynamics CRM, both tools being provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been created to speed up business, facilitate faster—and better—decision-making, via a smart, easy-to-use interface. The system’s features include financial and accounting management, supply and supply chain management, budget planning, reporting and analysis, human resources management and remuneration. The system is already implemented in over 14,000 companies, including 1400 in the CIS region.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides sales departments with a complete set of tools and information to better manage relationships with existing customers and to attract new customers. The implementation of this system helps to create long-lasting relationships, greater loyalty, and increased profitability through intelligent analyses and personalized approaches.

According to Microsoft representatives, BASS Systems has localized the systems for the Republic of Moldova’s market, which means that the systems have been adjusted according to the local legislative framework and aligned with the fiscal and statistical reporting standards. Additionally, a remuneration module was developed and the system’s interface has been translated into Romanian. BASS Systems has the full capability to locally deploy state-of-the-art technologies, with certified professional expertise, necessary knowledge, and logistical support from Microsoft.

According to Vladimir Vodyanov, Microsoft Business Solutions Sales Lead for Central and Eastern Europe, the globalization of competition is the main factor that has prompted Microsoft to develop new products, including the latest version of Dynamics AX. “If we look closely at the players on the market, we will see that in almost all countries basically the same brands are present. The technologies available today enable regional and global companies to expand more actively in new markets. The speed of these technologies is amazing, determining the companies owning these technologies to come on the market and move at this speed,” mentioned Mr. Vodyanov regarding the expansion strategy.

The two events were attended by about 60 IT managers and professionals, representing the public services, telecommunications, IT, energy, banks, retailers, insurance, and transport companies.


BASS Systems is one of the most important suppliers of complex information systems and integrated IT solutions on the Republic of Moldova’s market. BASS Systems has partnerships with the world’s leading IT products and technology developers, such as IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Huawei, Cisco, Ericsson etc.

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