IBM and BASS Systems are proposing new data security solutions and business processes optimization for banks and companies

On April 14th, at the special conference “IBM Innovate 2016” organized by IBM Corporation and BASS Systems, have been presented data security solutions, device management, business processes optimization, applications integration, as well as their benefits. The event was attended by representatives of the banks, large and medium companies and the public sector from the Republic of Moldova.

BASS Systems’ CEO, Onisim Popescu, stated that since IBM solutions are of great interest in the Moldovan market, both IBM and BASS Systems decided that it is important to inform the managers about the many advantages these solutions bring into the business environment.

“We are committed to this partnership with IBM, we undertook multiple certifications to meet the requirements of this corporation. Together with IBM, we are ready to promote business management software and solutions, applications integration, data protection and to work on their implementation,” said Mr. Popescu.
Ron Keren, IBM Country Leader IBM Romania & Republic of Moldova, presented an overview of the new security solutions.

“In a company, data is of utmost importance, and we can protect it. At the same time, it is necessary to have a dialog with customers, companies, and banks. Without it, we cannot build anything. The key here is security, and this is not an area for cost cutting. We are here to assist your companies with solutions and data protection. The systems developed by IBM are very efficient and the customers who decide to use them have the opportunity to see the true value of our software. The software we develop is compatible with any kind of equipment or system. The software will help people make better-informed decisions based on forecasts and analyses,” said Ron Keren.
Roland Costea, SEE Security Technical Sales at IBM, presented the Security Intelligence Platform, as well as IBM’s strategy.

“A lot of people post information online. There are many attacks, their number currently being four times higher. Hackers create targeted attacks, which normally infect computers after tracking certain actions, such as transactions or other banking operations. Many companies have bought security systems, but they must know that it is important for them what should be protected and secured, and namely: the security of people, data, and infrastructure. We have created a modular platform to bring all the solutions together. A lot of attacks are possible because of configuration errors which are detected too late. We do not insist on replacing the existing products that work well. We offer personalized projects. What we do is actually an upgrade of your systems and better data protection,” mentioned Roland Costea.

BASS Systems is a young and active company, founded in 2008 by a team of professionals with extensive IT experience. The company offers integrated IT solutions, which it adapts to the needs of its customers on the continuously growing IT market of the Republic of Moldova. Their mission is to provide only high-quality services and products designed to ensure customer satisfaction, both in the short and long-term.
International Business Machines (IBM) is a famous American corporation activating in the computer technology and innovation field. The most notorious innovations include the invention of hard-disk, magnetic stripe technology (used for cards), and the universal product barcode. IBM continues to focus on software applications, Power servers, and complex services.