For 10 years we have been providing IT solutions for complex scenarios, delivering measurable results.

Due to the successful implementation of IT projects and partnerships with international market leaders, we are at the forefront of the best teams in the Republic of Moldova, specialized in consulting, software development, software architecture and project management.

We gain the trust of our customers through consistent effort and professionalism.


We provide solutions that are highly trusted by our partners.

We offer exclusively high-quality services that meet the requirements of our customers.

For 10 years we have accepted all the challenges, as our goal is to contribute to the successful business development of our customers and partners.


We combine the experience of BASS Systems with global know-how, gained through collaboration with world-renowned partners. We contribute to improving the performance of business projects by effectively deploying the best IT solutions.


  • Experience and professionalism
  • Strong team and collaboration
  • Creativity in solving complex problems

Standards and Certifications

World-class accreditation is an important factor in the development of BASS Systems company. Alignment to international standards and good practices in the main activity area have contributed substantially to the scaling of our company.

BASS Systems is among the few IT teams in Moldova holding a large set of ISO certifications. We are the only company that combines these certifications with a complex portfolio of accreditations and partnerships with various international corporations.

ISO 9001 certification

Quality Management System. BASS Systems conforms to and maintains ISO 9001 certification to provide customers and partners with the implementation of best quality practices for products and services delivery. Compliance with ISO 9001 standards enables the company to use quality assurance tools at the highest level throughout the implementation and maintenance of projects.

ISO 27001 certification

Information technology, security techniques, information security management systems. The entire set of standards contributes to securing financial information, intellectual property, employee data, or information provided by third parties.

The implementation of ISO 27001 standards represents an advantage for BASS Systems, its customers, and partners being certain regarding internal and external information security.

ISO 20000 certification

IT services management.This is an international level management service that allows companies to ensure that IT service management processes are aligned with both company values and best practices. Companies that have ISO 20000 certification provide high-quality services, ensure the professional fulfillment of all customer and partner requirements, and more.

ISO 14001 certification

Environmental management systems. Environmental management standards and systems imply that the impact of company's processes on the environment will be controlled and minimized. By joining these standards, BASS Systems offers a number of benefits:

  • emissions, noise and waste reduction
  • cost reduction
  • a positive image on the market
  • improvement of working and living conditions for employees
  • maintenance of good relationships with environmental authorities.

BASS Systems Compliance Program

BASS Systems is committed to essential principles of good corporate conduct and integrity in all of its activities. Establishing and maintaining an effective compliance program is a key component of this commitment.

We have developed and implemented our compliance program to fit the size, resources, market position, and other unique aspects of our company. At BASS Systems, we recognize that an effective compliance program must evolve and respond to the changing circumstances of the company and its environment. To this end, we are committed to continuous quality improvement based on regular review, assessment, and development of the compliance program and the changing regulatory and business environment.

The purpose of our compliance program is to prevent or detect violations of law or company policies and procedures. If BASS Systems becomes aware of violations of law or BASS Systems policies, we will investigate the matter and, where appropriate, take appropriate disciplinary actions and implement corrective measures to prevent future violations.

Our compliance program addresses the key elements of an effective compliance program, namely:

Responsibility and Oversight

Our Legal, HR and Compliance Director (“Compliance Director”) is responsible for developing, overseeing, and monitoring the operation of our compliance program. Our Compliance Director has the authority to exercise appropriate professional judgment regarding the compliance program, and to develop and implement revisions and improvements as needed to maintain an effective. Our Compliance Director has independent reporting authority and responsibility to our General Manager on compliance-related matters.

Policies and Procedures

BASS Systems Code of Conduct is our statement of ethical and compliance principles that guide our daily operations. The Code of Conduct establishes key ethical principles that we expect management, employees, contractors, and partners of the company to follow, as well as standards to help ensure compliance with applicable laws and company policies. To emphasize the importance of the principles and guidelines contained in the Code of Conduct, we require each of our employees to certify that he or she has read and agrees to abide by all BASS Systems policies and procedures.
In addition to our Code of Conduct, BASS Systems has developed and implemented policies, procedures, guidelines, work instructions, and other instructions to, among other things, address potential risk areas for BASS Systems as an ITC Company.

Education and Training

Education and training are essential to effectively communicating our standards and requirements to our personnel, and enabling them to perform in accordance with them. All personnel are provided training on BASS Systems Code of Conduct and on the compliance-related policies, procedures, guidelines, and work instructions applicable to their job function. We maintain and monitor training records to help ensure all personnel have received required training.

Internal Communication and Reporting

BASS Systems is committed to fostering an active and healthy dialogue between management and employees regarding ethical and compliance-related matters. BASS Systems personnel are encouraged to seek answers to compliance-related questions, and are provided with guidance on how to access compliance-related information, including how to report potential compliance violations. BASS Systems understands that its personnel must not just know how to access compliance-related resources, they must feel comfortable doing so without fear of retaliation. BASS Systems has adopted policies and procedures that strongly encourage all personnel to report potential suspected compliance violations. These policies and procedures include measures intended to ensure that appropriate reports will not subject the person making the report to retaliation by BASS Systems or its personnel. Information about BASS Systems Compliance Alert Line is given to all personnel as a part of new hire orientation, continuing compliance training, and is made available on our intranet site.

Auditing and Monitoring

BASS Systems compliance program includes compliance-related monitoring and auditing functions to help evaluate on-going compliance with our compliance-related policies and procedures. We take a number of factors into consideration when determining the nature, extent, and frequency of our compliance monitoring and auditing activities. New legal requirements, developments in business practices, and similar considerations may result in new or revised compliance-related monitoring and auditing activities. We review our compliance-related monitoring and auditing activities on a regular basis to help ensure that significant compliance-related risks are appropriately addressed.

Enforcement and Discipline

BASS Systems maintains policies and procedures for addressing potential compliance-related violations. These help ensure that relevant facts and circumstances are understood and considered in connection with all enforcement and disciplinary activities. These policies and procedures are intended to help ensure that appropriate and consistent action is employed to address inappropriate conduct and deter future violations.

Corrective Action Procedures

BASS Systems works on an on-going basis to help ensure compliance with relevant laws, as well as with our internal compliance-related policies and procedures. We believe that our compliance program increases the likelihood of preventing or identifying unlawful and unethical behavior. We recognize, however, that even an effective compliance program will not prevent all violations. Our compliance program, therefore, requires the company to respond promptly to potential violations of law or BASS Systems policy, take appropriate disciplinary action, assess whether the violation may be due to gaps in our policies, practices, or internal controls, and take appropriate corrective action to prevent or limit future violations.


At BASS Systems the sense of community, cooperation and friendly atmosphere are the basic features of the work process. Both professional success and interpersonal relationships are important elements in our company.

BASS Systems' most valuable asset is business culture. Our team is aware of the company's goals, which enables us to offer sustainable quality at every level.


Onisim Popescu

General Director

Svetlana Bran

Financial Director

Serghei Zamșa

Technical Director

Angela Sîrbu

Head of Project Management Department

Andrei Cojocari

Sales and Business Development Director

Eugen moșanu

Procurement and Strategic Partnerships Director

Lilian Perecheatco

Legal, HR and Compliance Director


BASS Systems keeps being dynamic and flexible, adopting a personal organizational culture where team members are highly valued for their professionalism.

BASS Systems stands out for its strongly motivated team of highly skilled professionals. The company provides a success-oriented work environment that encourages teamwork and rewards initiative. BASS Systems employs best professionals in the industry from Moldova and abroad to bring the best value to its customers. To ensure the advanced level of expertise and promote their personal and professional growth, the company offers employees training and development programs.

With every project, we are creating a unique product, ideally adapted to our client’s business needs.

The secret of our success is in using the best professionals, best knowledge, best skills, best practices, modern tools and techniques in order to meet the customer’s requirements and to transform every Project into a successful story.

System integration division employs over 100 qualified engineers, business analysts, project managers, programmers, sales specialists.

The field service division employs over 100 engineers and technicians experienced in building turn-key Telco infrastructure including FO networks, active systems…

Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Expert (PME)
Management of Risks


HPE Master Accredited Solutions Expert (MASE)
HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE)
HPE Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS)
HPE Accredited Technical Professional (ATP)
HPE Accredited Platform Specialist (APS)
HPE Sales Certified
HPE Advanced Sales Certified (ASC)


Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Office 365
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Windows Server
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Server Infrastructure

Microsoft Specialist

Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Certified Dynamics Specialist
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist


IBM Certified Administrator
IBM Certified Specialist
IBM Certified Deployment Professional
IBM Certified Associate


Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching
Cisco Certified Design Associate


Certified Mobility Professional


Oracle Certified Associate


VSP Business Continuity
VSP Selling Infrastructure Optimization Solutions
VSP Selling Management and Automation Solutions
VSP Selling Virtual Lab Automation Solutions
VSP Selling VMware Enterprise Desktop Solutions
VTSP Accreditation

Motorola Solutions

Configuring, administration, troubleshooting and maintenance Dimetra IP system.


Mini-Link Traffic Node R5, Operation & Configuration


BASS Systems maintains strategic partnerships with world-leading equipment and program products vendors and service providers. We use our partner’s technologies to create tailor-made solutions to meet the most specific needs of our customers. We are tackling a multi-vendor strategy, while excluding competition between similar products and solutions. In all strategic partnerships, we tend to achieve the highest levels of partnership.

Huawei Authorized Reseller

Huawei is a global leader in ICT solutions. Due to responsible operations, continuous innovations and open collaborations, Huawei has a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecoms and enterprise, device and cloud computing networks. The company's ICT products, services, and solutions are used in over 170 countries and regions, thus providing services to a third of the world's population.

As a business partner, Huawei has a contractual relationship with BASS Systems, selling software applications and/or hardware devices.

HPE Platinum Partner

HP has innovative technological visions for everyone—either individual customers, organizations or global communities. Hewlett Packard Enterprise designs experiences that amaze, invent and reinvent technologies changing the perception of the world. It is not just a hardware and software vendor but it also offers a wide range of services, such as IT infrastructure design, implementation, and maintenance.

BASS Systems as aPlatinum HPE Partners use its elite status to promote their solutions to potential consumers. Thus, they are recognized for their level of expertise and investments in their field.

IBM Silver Partner

The multinational corporation IBM operates in over 170 countries. IBM manufactures hardware devices, as well as software applications, and also provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframes to nanotechnologies. It is also an organization with enormous research resources, having a record for the largest number of patents applied for and owned by a corporation. IBM's inventions include ATMs, floppy disks, magnetic stripe cards, SQL programming language, universal barcode, and DRAM.

BASS Systems is an IBM Silver Partner in the Republic of Moldova. Companies benefit from mutual support, including high-end products and services, technical support, productivity tools, online training, and marketing resources, as well as eligibility for various interactive programs.

HPI Gold Partner

Due to collaboration with HP Inc. BASS Systems' customers have access to over 50 years of traditions and innovations designed to impress, including a wide variety of computers, printers, mobile devices, solutions, and services, all of which provide exceptional experiences, as well as reliability recognized at international level.

Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle products and solutions are used in over 145 countries across the world. The Oracle corporation offers a wide range of user-friendly and fully integrated cloud applications, platform services and projected systems.

Company's gold partners benefit from a number of competitive advantages. Thus, applications are checked at the elaboration or optimization level. BASS Systems has access to the entire Oracle product technology stack, develops business skills, and accesses complementary development licenses.

CISCO Premier Certified Partner & CISCO Cloud Partner

As a Cisco partner, BASS Systems can sell and support IT products, services, and solutions to its customers. As a result, our company builds and provides managed services and cloud services. It also takes full advantage of the experience acquired during recent years to obtain great results. Besides, BASS Systems eagerly contacts and collaborates with other Cisco partners.


APC company is a worldwide provider of dedicated equipment and infrastructure ensuring reliable energy sources. The company's list of products and solutions covers a wide range of needs in various sectors:

  • Ordering and supervising technological processes;
  • Supply and distribution systems;
  • Electricity monitoring and control;
  • Utility management;
  • Smart grid management;
  • Data management from single or multiple production sites;
  • Power systems for vital consumers.


The Eaton concern, which owns many brands such as Moeller, Carter, Dynapower, Fuller, Powerware, Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer, and more, offers efficient mechanical and hydraulic power management solutions in a secure and sustainable way. Due to its partnership with Eaton, BASS Systems provides its local customers with modern energy distribution solutions, including control and monitoring of industrial processes, protection and switching equipment, programmable controllers, and electrical panels.

Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Microsoft Dynamics AX brings together a set of ERP, BI, infrastructure, technology and database services in a single offer that enables organizations to deploy domain-specific, operational and expandable business processes, using specific solutions provided by our partner. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution that increases sales productivity and the effectiveness of the marketing team by using social media data, Business Intelligence (BI) and effective management of marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP)

The highest level of Microsoft partnership. As LSP, BASS Systems offers licensing expertise to assist in the implementation of cost-effective solutions for owned devices, using both on-premises products and cloud products. The LSP status offers the widest range of licensing programs satisfying our customers' preferences and aligning with the requirements of long-term strategies.

IBM Silver Partner

IBM partners with the Silver status have access to a number of benefits from the company. To achieve this level of partnership the partner company needs to obtain an impressive score. Partners gain access to IBM member benefits, to business intelligence reports, fundraising for events and for campaign support, product development roadmaps, joint marketing processes planning, showcases, which partners can use for various applications within specific industries, specialties, and products.

Oracle Gold Partner

Having access to the entire Oracle technology stack allows us to better manage work-flows in other partner companies. Thus, we jointly develop our skills and gain the necessary experience to create a more visible and more profitable business.


SOClass complies with major aspects of the security system:

  • Access to system resources with strict mechanisms;
  • Privacy, enhancing client-server communication;
  • Integrity, with data storage during distribution processes and transactions storage in databases.