New insights brought to Chisinau by the giants IBM and Microsoft

The American corporations IBM and Microsoft, along with their local partner BASS Systems, presented innovations for the Republic of Moldova.

The local company BASS Systems organized in Chisinau two events dedicated to familiarizing Moldovan business environment with the most modern business IT applications. The solutions presented are aimed at optimizing business costs within companies, streamlining business processes, and using the human and financial resources more effectively. Implementing solutions based on innovations and cutting-edge technologies facilitates control and visibility of the company’s entire business activity, data security, profit growth, and offers a number of competitive advantages.

IBM Innovate

Companies around the world are currently operating with huge data volumes. Data management practices, business process optimization, security and data protection solutions have been the main topics at the IBM Innovate 2016 event organized by BASS Systems along with the American corporation IBM.
Presently, businessmen, besides managing companies, have to optimize their business processes and look for effective methods to ensure data and devices security, to prevent confidential data theft. The purpose of the event was to present how IBM solutions can be used to tackle the challenges faced by the companies in the Republic of Moldova.

IBM and BASS Systems do not intend to change the existing data management infrastructure or the current control and protection practices. Instead, they intend to place a greater emphasis on the integration of the already used systems, to get better solutions and, consequently, a higher productivity, said Ron Keren, the IBM Regional Manager. “We are here to analyze the problems faced by Moldovan companies. Our solutions can be adapted globally, but we also have a rich experience in personalized customer approach,” mentioned Mr. Keren.

Regarding financial institutions, he stated that the reason for collaboration is the increasing frequency of cyber attacks on banks, that become more organized and more concentrated worldwide. Data protection and the systems’ security have become as important to these institutions as the central bank’s refinancing rate and the country’s macroeconomic stability. At the same time, the government can substantially improve public services, securing the systems that are vital for their operation, and optimizing public spending, said the IBM representative. Traditionally, IBM products are favored by companies in the financial, banking, energy, utilities, transportation and public sectors. “The IBM Corporation will assist our partner, BASS Systems, with all the resources needed to successfully implement projects in your country,” added Ron Keren.