Find out about important news related to the IT sector from Moldovan market and the events related to BASS Systems activity

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Ron Keren, IBM: Technology helps people make better decisions

Computers will never be able to replace people, but they can help them. Only people can see and make estimates, and technologies will be of great help in improving their decisions. IBM Romania and BASS Systems, the US corporation’s partner

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New insights brought to Chisinau by the giants IBM and Microsoft

The American corporations IBM and Microsoft, along with their local partner BASS Systems, presented innovations for the Republic of Moldova. The local company BASS Systems organized in Chisinau two events dedicated to familiarizing Moldovan business environment with the most modern

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Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM

The second event focused on presenting the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system—Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution—Microsoft Dynamics CRM, both tools being provided by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Dynamics AX has been created to speed up business,

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IBM Innovate 2016

Data security solutions, device management, business process optimization, application integration, and benefits have been presented on April 14th at a special “IMB Innovate 2016” conference organized by IBM Corporation and BASS Systems. The event was attended by representatives of banks,

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IBM and BASS Systems are proposing new data security solutions and business processes optimization for banks and companies

On April 14th, at the special conference “IBM Innovate 2016” organized by IBM Corporation and BASS Systems, have been presented data security solutions, device management, business processes optimization, applications integration, as well as their benefits. The event was attended by